2nd December, 2016 Writers
Let it never be said that I chose whims over common sense Or beauty over brains and humbleness, For that which I am is he I had wished to become and by reason of repeated mimicry an accent have I developed of a foreign tongue. It enchants you. By Jove! You're uncontrollably pleased My grandiose composure and verbal eloquence, My wits and humour blended in fine sentence. I see a glitter here and a glow there when my charm wears the cloak of a rapport. You never see me faulter even when attentive It is like a one-way current in the River Thames It flows continuous without hinderance or breach Let it further be known I was not born this way This charisma, this style, this etiquette that I have Is but a far cry from my rather banal inception For that which I am is he I had hoped to become And by persistence and a choice of novelty The man is a compendium of admirable conduct.
Ebonyi, Nigeria
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