The Danger of Lack of Confidence
27th November, 2016 Fashion Designers & Stylists

Some people are just natural at emitting confidence, their aura, gestures, words just conveys how comfortable they are with themselves but this is the case for only a few lucky ones…Yes there is a thin line between Confidence & Arrogance hence a lot of people in an effort not to appear arrogant try so so hard to shrink themselves so that they appear more appealing to others! This can be the case in our professional, personal or general life. Am I good enough?  or more honestly what if People think I think too Highly of myself? or  I think i’m better than everyone? All these thoughts can be very damaging to our self esteem; the need to appear more modest so we don’t intimidate others or worst be segregated & labeled as a “know it all” can  frighten us into not taking the steps we need to get to the next level! We can find ourselves now losing the confidence we once had in other to appeal to those who lack confidence.

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London, United Kingdom
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