2nd December, 2016 Writers
On bended knee and aching thighs; with arms hung wide and pacing heart; the words uttered seemed anxious for a reply; skipin' pulse was the order at each passing time. I'll make you happy and buy you smiles; we'll curse our love to be blessed with nine lives; when the thunder rumbles and lightenin' strikes; search for me no more, I'm right by your side. These were my promises, they were never lies; now the devil is in, who left the door ajar; i never wanted this, no, not to see you cry; you want to leave! If you do, you'll leave a scar. On bended knee, this time not with a ring; with arms flung wide, i pray thee have a rethink; as selfish as I can get, I still want you all to myself; of perfection i know less, but with God's direction, i'll do my best.
Ebonyi, Nigeria
  • When a man's heart finds value, he tries to make it a possession

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