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We've all been in situations were we've been told hurtful things, things programmed to deter and discourage us from our intended goal. We receive this backlash from people who sometimes are our closest shoulder. They'll say, "you are to young for this", "no one have done this before", "if it were possible, someone else would have done it", or "you'd fail, you don't have what it takes." Well I have a secret to share with you. The world from inception has been plagued with these kinds of people. People who do not see you amounting to anything good. People who'll just love it if you stay at their level and not soar to the heavens. I bet if they were present around the time God was creating the world out of nothing, they would have been the ones telling God how the darkness has always been pitch black and how tedious it would be to plant herbs and trees to cover the earth. They've been there since Noah. Nehemiah had his share of their discouraging and hurtful words (when he decided to gather people together to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem.) The solution to this challenge is simple: IGNORE THE CRITICS. Do not waste valuable time and energy trying to please them rather focus on your goal. Stay on the high way. It's really not their fault. They don't want you to leave them, they'll feel lonely. If God has put dreams and visions in you, then by all means listen to His voice not the voice of critics telling you how it will not work. See it this way; God never needed any permission when creating you. He didn't get together a parliament of people to delibrate on the gifts and dreams He should award you with. So why then should you listen to what the nay-sayers have to say. They know nothing about what God has implanted in you. So go out today, living your life to the glory of God, keeping the right attitude and living above mediocrity. STAND OUT. Believe me people will come to love your personality but even if they don't at least you'll live a life absent of regret because you were your best self all the way.
Ebonyi, Nigeria
  • A short essay on ignoring critics

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