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(Sola in the kitchen washing dishes in her short blue jeans and black tank top,  uche a thirteen year old walks in ) 

 Sola:  Ehn wetin you want?

Uche: Good morning,  No food in this house?

 Sola: Mummy said we are fasting 

                                                                                                                                                        DISSOLVE TO:


(Uche walks pass  Efe to the fridge in the dinning room, still studying efe looks  up to Uche"s direction  stops him as he opens the fridge)

Efe: What do you think you are doing?

Uche: Getting food of course!

Efe: See this boy o! (Laughs)  you didnt hear  we are fasting?  come on will  you get out of here (slaps his back pushing him out of the dinning room)

                                                                                                                                                DISSOLVES TO: 

EXT.COMPOUND(Entrance to Main House).11:00pm 

(The buzz of horn by the gate, opens  and Daddy comes down from the Mercedes,  accepts the greetings of Ahmed as he walks into the house with his brown brief case  and white parcel  box)

Daddy: Children am home! 

(Smiles as the kids hug him,collects  brief case as they all walk into the dinning room,  they notice the white parcel)

Sola: Daddy what is this?

Daddy: A gift for you guys, And where is Mom? 

Efe: Upstairs watching TV

Daddy: I see ........... (Looking suspicious)

Uche: So can we see the gift?

Daddy: Its for you all, Am going upstairs for a shower

All: Okay Sir!

Ahmed: Wetin Daddy bring for Us

Efe: Gift 

Uche : Open it 

Sola : Have you forgotten we are fasting? 

Ahmed : Open this thing jor!

(Confusion sets in, shouts and exchange of insults,mummy comes in ) 

Mom: What is happening here?


Mom:  I said what is going on here 

Sola: It is Ahmed and others ma,  Daddy bought a something  for us and they want to see it

(Sola opens the parcel,  removes the carbon pack and lifts a butter cake in green icing and white heart designs,excitement and laughter sets in from others)

Sola: (Raising a hand ) WE ARE FASTING! 

Mom: (Laughs)My dear that ended  5 hours ago,  you are free to eat anything you want now who will  bring  a glass of juice and  fried plantain  to my room  in 5 mins? Am waiting !

(Leaves dinning room to the door leading upstairs,they all stare at each other murmuring to their selves,sound of TV at background increases.............



                                        Screen Display : Nigeria Are We still fasting? 

                                                                          BLACK OUT

Lagos, Nigeria
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