Beginning of the End
13th December, 2016 Writers

When the end came, they were all hidden in death.

As the boiling sun overflowed it's banks.

We slept cuddled by the dirt surrounding ; Mother Earth.

Oblivious to the fire overhead.

When the end began, they knew no life.

As great stones like rain dropped from the red sky,

We settled in the comfort of our wooden boxes beneath; Mother Earth.

Hidden from the showers above.

The ground belched and tore it's belly.

Like cannon balls from  the Spanish Armada, we flew through her crust out into the end.

Now, we littered the surface of her rough cheeks above; Mother Earth. 

Present but absent.

We were dead when the end began.

From lofty heights we watched our carcass of vanity leap from our graves.

The rivers boiled and mountains melted.

Her knees buckled as Mother Earth lost her children.

It was like we never were. Vanity after vanity.

Oblivion sacked up our vanity with his Broken straw.

From lofty heights with wings of silver, we watched as she became nothing.

We turned as eternity beckoned.

Mother Earth forgotten,  we approached our immortality. 

Lagos, Nigeria
  • Who knows what happens when vanity ends? In a few ten to hundred years, it would all be over. The earth as we know it. The earth as we've lived it would be gone. Humanity would cease to exist.

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