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He said he loved her, she said the same; they exchanged warm words that gladened the soul and vernomous fluids that ignited the flesh. Their passion was such that razed down trees which seemed to have taken roots in hate so deep to clear the grounds, now fertile for seeds of love to fill up space. What more could he ask of his sweet, fair grace; her breath he could feel o'er his face; such warmth he longed for years; his hands to her breasts a cage; never have an angel his name so sweetly addressed; than when his lips entrap her nip and hands scout the lengths of her skin. Who can deny the requests of a frightened heart; to secure, to save was all she asked; yet dreadful as any man's mind swore he to be her fortress and sleeves in nights of cold terror to say the least; with tears, not of pain, o'erwhelmin' her eyes they lock heart and thighs in each other's arm. Soon mornin' casts its net o'er the skies; he was burdened by a guilt and a need to reveal his truth; like seven sharp knives dipped in gall; it pierced her heart and left a bitter scar; he did all to assure his love still, but even in kisses and tears all she felt was contempt. Days, weeks and nights passed by wth no sign of her return in sight; he was happy to play the fool in ev'ryone else's eye because he needed her evidently like I need my pen to write; curse me, strike me, but please do not hate me he implored and it touched her deeply. Now back in his arms with cupid to thank; it was clear she missed him in voice and in bed; the night was spent, not one second spared; as his hands went about its duties on her voluptuousness; she needed to be happy and that was all he could think of; i could attest to this fact, he cared, he really did; i know this because he was me. Domineering thoughts of reasonin' plagued his active mind; reasons to walk away, reasons to leave; a forth night was all it took, the cord was snapped and strings loosed; letting her go was difficult, but seeing her around even more condemning.
Ebonyi, Nigeria
  • All men really are not same. He loves her so much but he also is in a war.

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