The happy Barren Widow
26th December, 2016 Writers
  • The cloud suddenly became gloomy; the wind surrounds the compound in a naturally motioned horizontal style. The thatched roofs looked unsteady as a result of the destructive force of the wind, the mice living under the roof were taken aback as Adaku, the widow, who is in her late 30s stormed the compound to pick up some dirty plates, calabashes and other misplaced items left by her 7 and 4-year-old boys, who must have left the house in a hurry to visit their famous playground respectively.
  • After a heavy downpour, the weather became stilled, which gave Adaku the edge to prepare her boys for bed. The widow soliloquies her plan to herself by speaking aloud on how to end the life of the beast (dog) who constantly ate her food every night. She quietly added some portion of a deadly poison to her pot of soup which the dog directly eats from, after which she retired to bed.
  • It was morning already, Adaku left the house to the farm in a hurry to apply the cow dungs to her cornfield, in other to come back and prepare breakfast before her children wakes up. The kids woke up and headed straight to the kitchen to warm the stale food. Out of excitement, chigozie was seen beating the tip of an empty pot with a short stick on his left hand, while he used his right hand to compliment the sound of his so called drum, as he blissfully danced to the tune of his lip synced music. chidi, on the other hand, being the eldest son stride inn hurriedly and fetched some drinking water from a drinking jar that was placed adjacent to the kitchen all in preparation for the long awaited left over meal. Something felt outwardly wrong as the widow gasped and imagined the possibility of her children eating the poisoned food, she panicked and immediately vanished from the farm while inwardly praying for a miracle to happen. Her heart beat was like that of a super base, she rushed and wished if she could fly just this once, but it was too late. The widow approached her kitchen and stood still, beyond her very own eyes were her two boys lying-down lifelessly. The mother of the two dead boys became nerveless as she lacks the backbone to face her feeble mind, the only thing she said was "I am thankful to my creator for blessing me  with two wonderful boys even after fifteen years of being barren, God giveth and He taketh" the bereaved refused to cry, she taught shew as being strong, little did she know that the reason  for her delayed grieve was as a result of her unresolved issue of denial. She is still yet to accept the fact that her two lovely stars are gone. 
Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria
  • All she ever knew how to do was to be strong,until being strong became the last thing she needed.

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