The Other Person
29th December, 2016 Writers

Sometimes the truth is too brutal to bear 

After putting up all these walls up for so long that you don't even know if you're lying to the other person, or you're just lying to yourself

It feels like when you show even a little weakness, you're bound to be taken advantage of

It's hard when the only one that understands your feelings is you

It doesn't feel as real to the other person, cause you won't let them fathom just how much you care about them.

Of course,it hurts. Like you want to talk to the other person but there's been quite an emotional distance or disconnection, that you really don't have the words to say. It sucks cause you keep telling yourself you could actually do without this person but you think about them quite often and the distance is breaking you up from the inside. When did you lose your sense of independence huh? 

Now won't you feel stupid? The other person suggests making it work and at the end, you get ditched. It's happening all over again. And you worry about that person like you might be the one hurting them by not having enough time for them but they've got their own things going on and don't even look back. Don't compromise your principles, who you are and who you aim to be just to keep a person that's probably already gone. If the person deserves you, they'd never expect you to change for them. 

Abuja, Nigeria
  • Sometimes, compromise isn't worth it.

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