31st December, 2016 Writers

I woke up this morning
Without being sure what the day had for me
Nothing more than what it offered me yesterday or the day before
Nothingness and Emptiness

It has been a feeling emptiness and uncertainty
A feeling of fear and anxiety
Bleak future and an uncertain today
Daily, i find myself questioning so many things

But today, in my anxiety and uncertainty
In my nothingness and emptiness
I read about a bread seller
Who might soon be on her way to stardom

This bread seller
This bread seller who might turn into a super model has inspired me

When God says it is time. IT IS TIME

She woke up this morning
Hoping to sell as many loaves as possible
That was the aim
That was the plan

But when Grace finds you
Nothingness becomes Fullness
Emptiness becomes overflow

She walked by a photo shoot
And she made it perfect
She walked by
And into her destiny
Now,she is sought after
And when found
Transformed into a super model
It could have only been orchestrated by God

Grace found this beautiful bread seller
Great Grace placed her at the right place and at the right time

When Grace finds you
Ordinary becomes supernatural
When Grace finds you
As it found this bread seller
Then routine becomes destiny

I have been inspired by this bread seller
To wake up every morning and be thankful
To wake up every morning and give it all to God

The one who directs path and makes destinies
The one who took this bread seller through her path of destiny

When grace finds you
That path you have taken all you life
And nothing happened
Will begin to yield for you

That is what Grace does
It makes routine destiny
It makes ordinary supernatural

The bread seller. The Great Grace of God
Lagos, Nigeria
  • When routine becomes destiny

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