3rd January, 2017 Events Planners
With or without anybody, Progression is a Must. Are you sure? is your success ensure? or you are just a lazy, attention whore? It all depends on your WILLPOWER for we are about to find out. We must go outside our comfort zone to experience success. We have to do the task we see as difficult or uncomfortable, to be able to get to the next level. Truth is, it really isn't difficult, but fear & laziness induced excuses have a way of making these actions seem difficult. We then begin to procrastinate and convince ourselves of why it wouldn't have worked anyway. The success we desire is on the other side of our comfort zone. Take the step and face the supposed difficult task head on and see how your output and results will change. It's been said before, nothing great comes out of your comfort zone. The metal did not get shinier and more valuable, by just being there. It needed to be heated and processed, that applies to us too. You need to get up and take those "difficult" or "unfavorable" steps. Do something today that will get you closer to your desired success. Ask questions, knock on doors, if you get a no, keep it moving and don't give up. Arise and shine, 2017 is another great year to make it happen. Cheers to our successes.
Ones again Welcome to 2017 time is of essence use it wisely don’t let your life be a waste never allow everything be done for you, handed to you do it yourself, blame no one for your misfortune do it yourself……….
Teety Empire goal is to increase youths achievement and encourage and nurture important life skills associated with an entrepreneurial mindset—collaboration, communication, problem-solving, creativity, and self-discipline.
  • We must go outside our comfort zone to experience success.................

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