14th January, 2017 Writers
Do not try to get up mom, the grasses have been cooperative. I found it rather untedious like I whin'd on and on times before. Take a rest now and let the doctor's herbs take its course. You should try to move less mom, the good ol' baker has just delivered our quota. I gave him only one-third the cost, and promised to settle the rest after the sales. Stay your heart now mom, all is well. What troubles your spirit, mom. I tell you, i have just had my lunch. A couple loaves with congealed tuna oil is a sure tummy-tighter. I pray by dinner time you get better, 'cos I've kept a plate for you and I. Rest your feeble limbs now, mom. I assure you, the grumpy landlord is out of town. He couldn't stop but to let everyone know, that his son has just bought a nice place in the surburbs. It's probably the sewage leaking again. Be calm mom, I'll see who's at the door. The shivers are getting really violent. Tell me mom, what would you have me do? I'll gather fire close to you, wrap and embrace you, just say something, anything, I really miss you. Remember its barely five days to my tenth birthday and you said I'll become a man. I'll rush over to get the doctor. Just Breathe mom, Breathe.
Ebonyi, Nigeria
  • What will you do when heer love can no longer shine on you. What becomes of you when her lips can no longer encourage you? What will you do for your mom?

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