My Creed
4th June, 2015 Writers
"My deepest fear is not that I am inadequate
My deepest fear is that am powerful beyond measure
It's my light not my darkness that frightens me
I ask myself who am I to be a writer and a different one, who am I to be smartand intelligently weird, who am I to be funny, who am I to be creative, who am I to be Chubby and yet handsome?
Actually who am I not to be?"

I refuse to be Small in my writing
I refuse to be ordinary in my narratives
I refuse to be Stereotyped in my thought

This is my Creed
To be different
To strive to be the best even in the worst conditions
To be extraordinary and exceptionally great but not in competition with anyone
To live
To breath
Break Free from the box
To be a writer...
To pursue passion rather than dreams, because everyone dreams and dreams change
And finally,TO BE...

What's your Creed?

Lagos, Nigeria
  • This is my way of saying am tired of hiding behind the curtains.

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