She Does Not Know
8th February, 2017 Writers
She does not know that the boys get cold in enchantment under her beauty's spell. She does not know that the girls grow green with envy and her fame they spread and tell. But no! Not me. I could not catch the train nor join the queue for in a temporal blindness, I tripped and fell on the thoughts of you. She does not know that the daffodils are humbled at the sight of her. She does not know that the avian tribe pauses for a moment her melody they intend to subscribe. What further use have I for my eyes and ears than for savoring a fascination more glorious than Aphrodite herself. She does not know that when her hair is caressed by the soft wind it also carries my heart along with it. She does not know that her smile, like young david's harp, turns away the evil that caused my gloom. How can I let her know that all is not well within my soul? For though I see her, she does not know me.
Ebonyi, Nigeria
  • He hides behind the curtains and She has the world as her stage.

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