my one night stand
24th September, 2017 Writers

In the early twilight hours of the night, I realized that I was the center of attention at a bar where everyone wants to have the prettiest and sexy girl wrapped up in their arms, but I wasn’t interested, because I am still yet to find the right guy that will take me to the promise land. After multiple attempts made by several lads, I gave up and decided to just sip my drink when I heard his aura practically making me lose my balance. The first question he asked was my chines zodiac sign, luckily, I knew what that meant and I responded with “I was born in the year of the Rooster” you? He turned slightly with enormous smiles that he couldn’t hid as if he won the lottery because I have his full speedy attention as he asked whether I was a psychic which I responded by nodding my head in the opposite direction. He said we must have so many things in common because he was also born in the year of the Rooster. I emphatically looked at him and said to him, Gold Roosters are determined, brave, perseverant and hardworking; do you possess those qualities? And he leaned on the bar shelf with one of his hands holding his whiskey glass cup while his other hand gently caressed his chin which was clearly resting on his perfect jaw line with a killer smile that can melt even the heart of Cleopatra. He responded swiftly by asking me if the water Rooster standing in front of him is smart, quick-witted, tenderhearted and compassionate enough to allow him show her some magic. I came close and starred at his soul and challenged him by letting him know that I am feisty, assertive and sassy, not really sure if he is up for something out of the ordinary. I could hear him breathing heavily, he stretched forth his hand and placed it at the back of my neck and while he was trying to whisper in to my ears, his hair touched the back of my ears and all the strands of hair in my body were aroused, and in that moment I knew what I wanted, and it could only be one thing, it had to be that ONE thing. He pulled me out of my seat, his hand tight against my wrist, and led me to the bar/restaurants bathroom. I whispered my protest swearing that someone might walk in on us, but he drew me aside anyways. After which he dropped to his knees and shoved his head up my skirt. He slit my thong to the side and peaked his own tongue into the slit where it had sat, making my thighs tremble. He said to me, I don’t know if you can handle what I have planned for you my bad dirty naughty girl, he pushed me against the wall, impatiently stripping me bare, his eyes drank in every inch of my exposed flesh as he pinned my wrist above my head which made me volatile and vulnerable. I waited for him patiently while he unbuckled his botched jean with his other hand. I couldn’t wait to be filled by him any longer, I began to moan in anticipation, I felt like it took him eternity to unbuckle his jean. Finally, he came unto me, alongside the already pleasurable sensations created by the movement within. I felt myself stretching to deliciously accommodate all of him. He filled me in a way I’ve never experienced before, creating pressure against my G-spot that made me gasp. He asked me if I could handle it, but my moans signaled that I was born ready for the challenge. In that moment, my body was his, and I was able to resist the way he handled me; owning my desire until I reached a feverish pitch. He heard my lusty sobs and watched my hands clutching the sheets while the contractions set him off as we mutually came together in an intense orgasm that drained our energies. He asked for my phone number afterword’s, but I made it clear that it’s just a onetime thing. We both left without knowing each other’s names. I called him Mr. sweet face; my one-night stand.

Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria
  • she thought she was fierce, sexy,sassy,adventurous, assertive and above all a wild cat, until she met her match

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