That Long Awaited Juice
6th June, 2015 Writers
Oh how her sweetness has gone
He takes her out bit by bit
With his really sweet mouth
So sharp she falls with ease
He chews with a graceful passionate jaw movement
She is deep down in him 
Roaming so far but still within 
Where he wants her to be
The part he wants her to see
And she knows only that much
Oh how her sweetness has gone
He has had a mouthful 
Now she is about to be waste
Cos she already has no taste
His sweet words like flowing water was her bait
Cleaning and sizing her up just to have her sweetness
And he keeps doing to not just one
But every single one he comes across
Oh Sugarcane, the destiny of the sugarcane
Oyo, Nigeria
  • Losing taste just at that sweetest point

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