Tears of a Battered Bride
14th May, 2017 Writers

She tried to tell herself it was of no use

Time and time she bore his abuse

Cowering in fear and hiding the shame

Of fists and bruises that brought no gain

She tried to fight despite her frame

Her body bearing proofs of his reproof, her eyes blackened from his contuse

His fists leaving trails of wails and quails, slaps raining as hails

At night she weeps with such profuse

Accepting blamesĀ for his misuse

O' but if today will stay the same

A day devoid of doubt and pain

She vows to never be so tame

But soar with broken wings and sail

To a place of hope and peace without fail.

Abuja, Nigeria
  • A sonnet against domestic violence. A battered woman, drained and tired of her abusive partner takes a stand to leave a violent relationship.

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