'Green Bandit'

With today's look More is more! There are so many variables when it come to fashion genres and even more within each styles . Vintage is one of them things, we think high waist, we think pin ups, there is no right or wrong, only your interpretation. 
 So with today's outfit we have a lot going on, my very own retro punkish vintage interpretation. Personally choosing a bralet and wash baggy denim are a great way to go vintage; paired with a different print patterns for maximum effect. Don't be afraid to throw them all in as more can be more with this look, however just ensure you pay close attention to your colour combinations. X

                                                                                             Photos by Mr Chima Luke Okafor             
                                                                                  Email: cheemluke CLO Photography 
                                                                                  Facebook: CLO Photography(Chima Luke Okafor
London, United Kingdom
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