If I Knew
6th June, 2015 Writers
If I knew those words would put us in this state, 
they would never have been uttered.
I know those words hit you hard
But your reaction threw me off balance
I admit we have our differences
Different perspective to life
But we always had moments to laugh
"Not ready to be close" 
Won't force it
I admit I caused this,
Obviously my approach to trying to make a point wasn't alright
You took away my friend and my love
But that didn't stop me from loving you
You deprived me of sweet memories
I really want to hear your voice 
Oh!!!! That laughter, how I miss it
I'm tempted to pick up the phone and call
But what words am I to utter?
Time they say heal wounds
My fear is would things be back to normal after such time
Two weeks exactly and it seems like forever
I was really attached
I really wanted to close the door
But every time I get there
You show up and make it harder
The more away I drive further
The more in the wrong direction I am farther
I'd hit the brakes right now a lil stronger 
If I knew!!!!
Oyo, Nigeria
  • Times when life made you wish you could have hit the brakes before having to do a quick turnaround on the reverse

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