I Want To Stay
6th June, 2015 Writers
Would things be back to normal?
After a distance seen as a Long time?
Fighting so hard to put up a call
Even when time can't remember the last dial
Dance steps we took prepping  for the ball
Did they just wipe off our memory? Oh my
Tough times definitely made us so dull
As the word "Tough people" was redefined
I always believed in the truth 
So we could never have been a lie
The roses were growing so fine 
But then the thorns came along*sigh*
If a great light came to stay named Day
Her unseparable sister night was close-by
So if nothing in life stands without a pain
Deal with me in such a manner for a gain
For as they say " No Pain, No Gain "
But then comes the beauty of it all
When it both rains and shines simultaneously
When it becomes a bitter sweet feeling
In this long to and fro dealing
We decide to have way with the weather
And tell her it's gonna always be a longer day
Oh sure the night is always gonna come
By then we have enough oil in the lamp
So the light on the inside never goes out
I will fight for us till the sun burns out
Oyo, Nigeria
  • How much you just want to stay With her fighting to do all the way Till she is in your arm all the way And nothing can take her away

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