Mrs Bolanle Ambode
9th September, 2017 Artists


First Lady.

Two words yet so many definitions,

Some say she’s first and foremost the hostess,

Organiser & representative of official functions,

And social ceremonies.

Although her position isn’t derived through an election,

But on important issues she uses her influence to affect the legislation,

A trendsetter though she isn’t all about fashion,

She’s after the environmental beautification & state’s protection.

It takes a leader with true vision on a mission,

This is a role without a job description,

It is a wonderful gift of freedom

To us all she’s a daughter, sister, wife, mother or relation,

She knows our deepest feeling through affection & connection.

Selection of causes for promotion she chooses,

From support of women rights, widows & physically challenged, motherless babies, domestic violence to children and education.

She does this through mass communication,

Knowing that what makes us perfect is our imperfection.

A Lady chosen through natural selection.

Looking through the map projection & from an angle of reflection.

She’s more than a First Lady,

I Call Her Wonder Woman.

Lagos, Nigeria

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