Its Her
6th June, 2015 Writers
I will fight for what I know
If we need the light I'd become Joshua 
I will make the sun stay right there
For you to see through and know I am true
With the Hands of my Aaron and Hur up high
I will win this battle just to say that's her
Whenever I am asked about my eve
I will keep fighting to keep you safe in our love bath
And not stand from the rooftop seeing another bath
Because right then I realize that you are my world
Where I am king and you are my lady
Cos you have become the Proverbs 31:10 living case study
Baby I discovered my work and purpose 
There you came along to fit into my purpose
I became Adam when God gave me my Job description
Then He knew as long as I did that, he had to give me my Eve
Oyo, Nigeria
  • When you worked and earned her, you would laugh with Jacob

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