PrIvileged FEW
6th June, 2015 Writers
Money can't buy me fame anymore
I hide under the shadows of many
For a cause I feel is the essence
I don't deserve this touture I face now

If only I knew what the impending danger was
I should have had a rethink of my actions
I can't hide forever in my depressions
For a caused soul i now possess:existence

Money isn't a commodity to solve problems
I think it is an omitted injustice
For my soul I never taught I could endure
The punishment I bring myself now

Many times I have enjoyed life's luxuries
For a few years,I stop to get my thoughts right
The misery isn't worth reliving again
I will make my bed right,if I am given a second

Mistakes I made in the past
Now become the judges of penury
I am only freshly fetched among so many
Money becomes an evil for necessity now.
Lagos, Nigeria
  • About life and how I personally live through each day with a loaded pocket.

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