Broken Again
24th September, 2017 Writers

She loved to talk

go down the road for a walk

You never took her seriously and preffered to balk

She told you eveything in her head

But you hurt her so much her heart always bled

She saw you as her shining knight and all she wanted was for you to treat her right

Hoping maybe just one day you might, she showered you with love and attention

But with you love was like a detention

So you slowly created a dimension

She was hurt, but you never cared you silly flirt!

You never saw how slowly she was loosing herself

Like an old book on a shelf

One day you decided to leave, not caring if she grieved

You moved in with the bimbo down the street

You heartless cheat

How easy it was for you to  destroy her soul

Her heart you stole and burnt to coal

She cant help but get lost in space thinking how you wake up to another face

You created a void

But Oh God your memories she could not avoid

Why did you do that?

The bed you became one she sat

Your picture she spat

Such a brat

You left her for a bimbo

Now her soul she'd let go

Cos once more,

She's broken again

Edo, Nigeria
  • Expressions of a girl who got dumped by her lover She expresses her pain in words she couldn't speak out loud... Written by Selekere Beke-Akpo Becky

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