Life is free
6th June, 2015 Writers
Life is a free lesson tittled survival
 have to hurt people
Existing is for free
We learn from life's archive

Doing exploits is a knowledge
It does not sell itself cheaply
Exploration is a daily tutor
We learn her different tittles

Legacy is left by our stereotype
By will which stratifies us
Learning is a stranous event
Some would choose not to be a part

On the road to your quest
You obviously encounter obstacles
Coming in form of friends mostly

Although smile light up their faces
But they always look for your downfall

Tomorrow becomes pregnant by our utterance
But we always tend to abort the tender ball

Friendship becomes a necessity for the purpose
When there is nothing to be learnt from both
Then extinction becomes the new form of execution.

Lagos, Nigeria
  • About life and the various encounters we do not desire to go through.

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