In Our Hands
7th June, 2015 Writers
And then it seemed an end to an era
With Great walls crashing down
Everyone thought twas for the better
It still ended with a frown
Then realising the war was a fiddle stick 
With a reason defined as trifle
As the lady fought to keep her own
And he in wounds cos by her words
Waited so long for time
If time could heal wounds as they say 
And then time proved them wrong
As no target was given to her
And then both nations realised 
In their power it was to aid the healing 
With then soothing words, so soothing
Wounds turned scars but one that stood for unity
Cos no great cause succeeded without a fight

This is in honor of my lady Pam
Oyo, Nigeria
  • If we don't , who will?

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