Stay With Me Through The Wait
7th June, 2015 Writers
Her heart is growing weary
It's been very tiring
Giving him her all
But he's asking what's left
Lots of debt to pay
So he can stay
Can her mind be at rest
And not seem to be a pest
Cos it happened so fast 
We thought it won't last
And as loud as a bomb blast
An end to a movie where we were the only cast
We wanted lots of seasons
Two seasons each year for every reason
Cos tough times come with the good ones
Even if it comes after every good one once
It surely will definitely come
But we'd decide when we want to go home
Oyo, Nigeria
  • Most times we think time decides the strength of one's love. I agree to a certain level because it's all dependent on the foundation. We should create times based on time and not let time decide our times together.

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