23rd January, 2015 Writers



Not the national friendly faces

Nor the magazine’s cover maker

Business moguls didn’t make it

Mysterious case—existing in another phase


They live not for the tape, daily breasted

Not soldier in Libya

They carry no national honours but national identity

They fight the war, not with riffle

Cus’ no AKs can decimate their enemies

But equip their arsenal with ‘will’

... the will to survive

Street is their battle arena


They fight and groan in pain of recompense

They die daily to live

Recon not with fortune but fortunate

Victorious in every second they live

And celebrated not by the media


Some are casualties of the war

Yet others never weary in defence

Motels, sites, clubs, drugs ... laugh again

After each half mast flags.

But still, with their ‘will’ they raise the flags daily.








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