Tear in One
7th June, 2015 Writers
Tear in One

"You went through my stories
As a spy that you are;
All that there is,
Ones of sense or less.
Times before and now,
Your case I intended".

"I couldn't have
But for others I am treated like. 
It was only for my sight's muse
I tell.
No, no this I lie that I tell. 
The trust I earned, 
Now all thwarted".

"One different from the rest.
How could you be like the rest?
I was fallen;
I know it was by your cause.
The sun is lost here; 
And I am in dark to take light of you".

"You doubt me so,
I should boil. 
If not that I was tempted 
To take gallant seat on the stove. 
No it's not your fault;
I played lost to be a fool".

"Distance is our pillow now, 
Hate our comfort, and love".
Delta, Nigeria
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