His Love
7th June, 2015 Writers

And then it was June that period of the year
When we begin to worry about our fear
When it seems that we are not yet there
Everything suddenly becomes so clear
All along we have been having doubts called May
Losing sight of my vision when I met April that day
Thought I had it written down in January, you say
Starting out so strong, walking with God everyday
Even when February friends came, you didn't care anyway
Because they were seasonal, they come and go away
Through March, His light kept shining like the sun's ray
Then April came with April making you lose sight
You groped in the dark because you have lost the light
April didn't want to let go, she held you so strong and tight
You had lost your armor, you thought you were her knight
His mercy found you even before you lost sight of His might
He kept waiting with open arms counting even in July
Hoping you see the truth that she is all a lie
August came and you relaxed so much enjoying that tie
Then the rain came suddenly in September washing away the dirt
your eyes were opened because she couldn't stand the test

And you saw all that she was worth and you knew it wasn't worth it
She wouldn't stay with you because the rain got heavy by and by
You felt lonely again and returned to your first love "sigh"
Who clothed you again in the warmth of His everlasting love
Your vision was restored and He gave you a June from above
To stand by you even when October decided to leave you
Because in November God restored you and gave you a little you
You called her beautiful December cos she looked so much like you
You shone so bright again for all to see how good He has been
Cause His mercy endures forever. The land is green

Oyo, Nigeria
  • We run away many times not realising what we miss out when we don't stay

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