It Had To Be
8th June, 2015 Writers
There has to be a reason for every season
And a season with its own reason
So I spite your behind, treason
With so much lies on it, icing
So how could we have such a memory
No more love to show and u worry
Wanting to show it once a month, salary
No spice with us anymore, curry
No more burning love within, furnace Yea fiery
Tired of holding that sick dying love, infirmary
Yea let me be that one and only incendiary
So where do we go from here, Charles Bradley
I guess we need that change, APC
So evident for all to see
Cos for once all you wanted was my presence
Been heated up with it, I consume you with its essence
You are all out with a different smell, fragrance
So where is all that now, past tense
Oyo, Nigeria
  • Somethings just have to be

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