God is an artist
8th June, 2015 Writers

rembrandt, picasso, and leonardo da vinci might be cool
but nothing compares to an artist
who paints the spacious skies a dreamy cerulean blue with just a word,
paints the roygbiv rainbow with just a promise,
paints you and me with the watercolor of his love,
splashes the world with the spectrum of his grace,
using time as his paper, and the universe as his gallery
donatello, michelangelo, and rodin might be great sculptors
but who is greater than he
who sculpts purple mountain majesties and rolling green hills
who can stand before him who sculpted men and angels
and made everything beautiful in it's time
angelou, tagore, and neruda
might write a thousand and one poems
but who can compare to a poet
who wrote a poem on light and called it the sun
placed it in the first chapter of the sky
and gave it freely,for the world to read every morning
a poet who rides on the wings of the wind
across the fields of the terrestrial sphere
and gives a poetry reading
that makes the plants dance in glorious delight
to the grace of his quiet words
pacino, de niro, and freeman
might win all the oscars
but what star can outshine the star
that left his heavenly throne
and came to earth to play the role of man
a star who transformed every character that crossed his path
walked on ocean waves, calmed the tempest
healed the sick, rose the dead
broke barriers, leaving his audience in breathless awe
he played the most important role a man will ever play
and gave a performance so powerful that his critics killed him
he won no awards, yet he saved the world
there have been a million love songs
since the beginning of time
but there is none like the song
that was sung on a dark noon in golgotha
over two thousand years ago by a lowly artist
it's lyrics of mercy spilling from an old rugged cross
healing the soul of everyone who listens
john lennon's "imagine" has nothing on the promise of the song,
no chant or melody has ever been more peaceful than it
it's a forever love song, the soundtrack of eternity
God is an artist,
and in you,
he's making a harmonious melody out of the noise,
a miracle out of the dust,
a unique self potrait of himself,
a masterpiece with his signature of love stamped on it.

  • How does a poet write about the poet of all poets. How does a storyteller tell a story of a storyteller who created all storytellers.... Still I'll try

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