Lecherous Journal
8th June, 2015 Writers

Please note that the series, "Lecherous Journal" is rated 18+ and solely based on the writer's creative imagination and his ability to express them in precise form, stating definitely or systematically. Criticism and condemnation of any form should be solely based on your individual believe and therefore forwarded and archived in your brain for personal use; it's contents are for matured minds only.

In a world where your profession is supposed to define a certain percentage of your character, 2 talented friends with like-minds and similar focus, endeavour to disintegrate their social life from their daily hustle ... but the only obstacles in their path are the painful heartbreak they've experienced and the lustful desire that hunts them; would they fight for love, find a new love or give in to lust?


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  • "Lecherous Journal" is rated 18+ and solely based on the writer's creative imagination...

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