live like the sun die like a sunset
8th June, 2015 Writers

i will live like the sun;
that golden ball of lemonade dreams.
rising everyday from the east,
triumphantly heralding countless opportunities.
i will rise up to the azure sky,
paint the whole world gold,
send rays of smiles across the miles,
warm up hearts and light up souls.
i will make the children forget their nightmares
and dance for joy on the cobbled streets,
give hope to the weary traveler,
and bliss to sowers in far flung lands.
i will beguile the wise laughter of ancient trees
and play on the dunes of silver sand beaches,
splashing this world with God's light
till my last ray lights up the last candle.
i will die like a sunset;
that orange ball of vanilla hopes,
setting royally in the west,
surrounded by the universe i love.
i'll go down with no regrets,
my purpose fulfilled.
my heart will feel no fear, my soul no worries.
and as i descend tranquilly
in a symphony of amber glory,
i'll hold this truth in my heart:
i shall someday rise again
with other glorious suns,
we'll light up the heavens
and never set again.

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