I believe
8th June, 2015 Writers
I do not believe earth to be a wilderness
And I do not believe all in this world to be wanderers
I believe earth to be a magnificent creation
With extremely masterful design
I believe we all have paths we must tread
And thosewho wander from such paths  are lost

I believe that there is a destination
But all never reach it as the path laid is tedious
I believe we are never sent a hurdle we cannot overcome
To be defeated means not trying hard enough;

I believe all prayers made are heard but not all  prayers made are answered
At a point, all humans are innocent
But not all turn out innocent.

I believe that God does his part, I believe his time the best, however,
I believe humans cannot be trusted, 
Their time never the best, as man is perfection of creation filled with errors of life.

I believe that there is a time for everything,
A time to mourn a time to laugh
A time to  live and to die,
A dark shadow weighs  over my heart
I am torn not with grief but worry
And I believe worry worse than grief.

Lagos, Nigeria
  • My friend died in 2013 and a particular friend of mine felt that we are jst wanderers on earth...I felt that to be so untrue...this is thus my belief.

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