9th June, 2015 Artists

   When all life does is give you reasons to be sad, to feel like you won't amount to nothing, look at this drawing as a motivational source to get you back on your feet. This concept was created by me to inspire myself along with others who feel demotivated as i often do daily. Just because you feel like you're not where you're supposed to be or you've not achieved as much you wish to have had, or in the last 5 years, nothing's changed. 

   This is a poor African kid with barely anything to eat but yet, he has the biggest smile imaginable plastered across his face. Why's that? Oh it's because he's a kid, he doesn't know what life is all about. No! I doubt if we, 'we' meaning people who actually took their time to read this, have gone through half of what this kid has gone through, we would probably have given up on life a long time ago. 

 So no matter how bad things are right now, be content, smile, look good, be optimistic beacuse it gets better.

Thanks for reading. (almost shed a tear there lol)

PS- pictures are taken with an iphone 5s camera so the image quality isn't all that. The drawing looks better in person.

Abuja, Nigeria
  • I worked at least 3 hours everyday for 2 weeks. i used graphite pencils and lots of perseverance. :)

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