The stranger 1
9th June, 2015 Writers
It was christmas eve when my phone rang, "hello." I said as I picked up the receiver. It was my assistant, Diane. "You have a client ma'am." She said from the other end of the receiver. "It's christmas eve Diane." I flared. "I know Doctor but he still insists on seeing you." This couldn't be happening today, any day but today. I thought to myself. "Make him understand that we close early today because it's a holiday. I can't take any more clients today." I stressed. "I have tried ma'am but he is serious about seeing you." I glanced at my wrist watch - it was 7.30pm. Damn, my mum's going to freak out. I can't miss our family dinner for anything, not this one at least. "Diane, make him register and fix an appointment after the holidays. The office will be shut down during this festive period." I hung up the phone. I peered at the wall clock as I gathered my things into my bag. I walked to get my coat from the hanger when my door flew open and a strange shabby looking man walked in and settled in a chair across my table. "Sir, I told you we are closed for the year." Diane followed him. I shot her a questioning look but she stared at me apologetically. I waved at her to leave us, she nodded and shut the door behind her as she left. I replaced my coat on the hanger and took my seat. The stranger wore a pair of faded demin trousers and a faded dark blue t-shirt, with black snickers. As a psychologist, I have seen a lot of stange people in my line of work and my job was to help them to loose their strangeness. I stared at the stranger who was in his mid-forties as he spun the chair round and round. He was dark skinned with brown eyes and a bald head. He face was covered with hair which wasn't properly trimmed. As a psychologist I take my time to study my clients and to predict their mood. This strangers eyes was full of hurt, uncertainty and confusion. I waited for him to find the words to express how he felt but he was silent. I always allow my clients to express themselves whenever they want to and however they deem fit. I allow them to settle in and I give them the liberty to pick any position of their choice. Some stand, sit, lie down, squat or even kneel down - as they feel. After a long pause and the strangers silence I spoke. "I am Dr. Daniels, Pam Daniels. What is your name?" He was silent. This was new, my clients no matter how strange they are always spoke. This stranger was silent. I cleared my throat to get his attention but he just stared at the ceiling spinning his seat. I couldn't believe I missed a family dinner for this stranger. It had been five years since my last family dinner. The whole family was going to be there; uncle Sam, uncle Tommy, aunt Sara, aunt cece even cousin Jones who I had not laid eyes on in seven years. It was going to be a grand ceremony but I was stuck with a mute stranger. I rolled my eyes and sunk my head in my hands as I stared at this stranger. I began to imagine what he was thinking. How can I help this stranger? I tried to probe him for information, but the more I probed the more distant he became. I was frustrated that I began to feel my temper rise. Calm down Pam, it comes with the job. I told myself as I massaged my temple. I sighed and directed my attention to a blue toy truck on my table. I smiled as I ran my hand on it. One of my clients made it for me. He was a sweet man and very skilled. He suffered from paranoia, but he got better with time. My attention fell back on the stranger when I heard him sigh heavily. What is he thinking? Why won't he talk to me? Why won't he let me help him? Why? All these questions ran through my mind. He looked like the burden he carried was too much for him. Why won't you let me ease some of the burdens. I thought. He lifted his hand to his face and read the time, I peered at the wall clock as well. Damn, how time flies. I could not comprehend the fact that I wasted my christmas eve and missed a family reunion for this stranger. I became restless in my seat. It had been an hour already and he stayed quiet the whole time. Suddenly he stood up and walk to the door, as he opened the door he turned and smiled. "My time is up. Merry christmas." he said and walked out. I stared at him until he disappeared into the elevator. Diane quickly rushed over, "Ma'am." "Where is his file?" I demanded "I am sorry ma'am but I couldn't get him to fill out the client form." Diane stuttered. I ran my hands through my hair and sighed heavily. "Shut the door behind you." I waved -she did as she was told. I walked to the window and stared at nothing in particular, my arms across my chest as I peered outside. The night was wide awake. What just happened? I wondered to my self. The stranger was a mystery I wanted to solve. He aroused a hunger within me, a hunger to solve this mystery man. How would I satisfy the hunger if I knew nothing about him? I did not know if he would return, all I could do was hope he would. Little did I know that fate had it all planned out...
  • this story is about a stranger and a psychologist. More parts of the story will be uploaded.

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