Perfumed Skin
8th June, 2015 Writers
Perfumed Skin

Wind roar on outside
as the cloud command sign. 
For the moonlight should shine
but no it hides
and cast darkness to light;
not entirely to end the night,
no but for physical delight. 

The soothing breeze plunge inside. 
It forces my love to grip tight
and hold gaze to my eyes,
wishing with her seductive smile. 
I wonder why, because I did respond
As her red dress beckon, quite 
tempting; a muse for eyes like mine. 

The silk on the bed fly, 
spread wide and crumpled tight. 
One can imagine with this sight
how love brought light, 
brighten our eyes in pleasure's delight. 

She smiled; 
much loosely, worn, tired. 
For the moment we seem satisfied 
but hope it rains again tonight 
for I seem not to get my mind
off the sweet memory of her perfumed skin, 
in the absence of light.
Delta, Nigeria
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