art of hearts
8th June, 2015 Writers

the world is full of love poems
but i don't want to read another.
i want us to be the poem others read
i want my thoughts to be a sonnet to you
my words to be a ballad of our love
my actions to be an ode to us
every little thing we do
rhyming with the poetry
of dancing roses in the valley

the world is full of love stories
but i don't want to read another.
i want us to become one.
let us be that fairytale
that parents would read to their kids
generations from now.
lets become the book in the shelve
that the library never discards.
a story that would sail on the wings of time
and become one with the wind
engraved forever in the memory of the universe

the world is full of love songs
but i don't want to listen to another.
i want us to become one.
i want your name to be the song
i sing in the shower at dawn,
i want your laughter
to be the soundtrack of my days,
i want to slow dance to the silence of the words
you say with your eyes,
i want the world to put its ear to my chest
and hear your heart beating within mine.

lets be art,
lets be the eternal poem
the rainbow reads to the earth after a storm
lets be the immortal story
the moon tells the stars every night
lets be that timeless love song
the sky sings to the ocean whenever she's sad
lets be an art of hearts, forever.....

  • Hearts can be art too especially when two hearts bleed, merge and beat as one.

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