The Shoes
8th June, 2015 Writers
The shoes yu wear 
Can tell what yu do 
Where yu are and where yu have been 
Which tells what yu have seen 
As well as where yu heading to 
And what yu bear and can bear

He who wears the shoes 
Knows where it hurts 
Even for a thing that adorns 
Like the rose, can bear thorns 
Give it a thought 
Before yu woo.

Before yu judge 
Walk a mile in their shoes 
Talk about the time as yu have felt
Now yu know the weight under the belt 
'Cause the mile walk tells if yu still wanna sue 
Or let go of that grudge.
Lagos, Nigeria
  • Before you judge someone, walk a mile in his [her] shoes, that way you are a mile away and have his [her] shoes.

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