I Was
9th June, 2015 Writers
One minute, I am, talking to the very pretty young lady opposite me, demarcated by the marble block stand, she was using the counting machine right beside her in the cubicle and it made such a noise that pleased me, well not as much as the number she was scribbling on the carbon-copy of my deposit slip... the next moment, I was... as I felt my soul leave the mortal body and of course, the body falling helplessly like the "Mango Tree" it was funny and sad at the same time, I cared little however, for I was.

The memory of the young lady was almost fresh in my memory only that it felt like it was seeping away, like water held in a basket, I couldn't control it, in the split seconds remaining, I looked around, there was panic in her eyes, but why? What for? I vanished. 

Here I am, in some sort of waiting room, I really wanted to get back to work, probably call the lady at the counter, a few chit-chat, invite her to dinner over the weekend, but the faces around were such that held no sense of urgency, I asked myself whom I've come to see in such a place, my memory failed me for it has no recognition of this place, I had never been here, how did I get here? What was I doing here? Can I leave? All these were the unanswered questions troubling my mind.

The entrance to this large hall opened, it had a mechanical or some sort-of smooth gliding sound, I had to appreciate the technology behind it, marvelous it was, and at the doorway was a gorgeous lady, I was taken, well, I would believe that was what "Taken" meant and felt like, opposite the door from which she had just entered, some people stood in a queue, facing the exit as they were ushered out, it was soon to be my turn as more spaces on my row of seat had been emptied, by extrapolation, I should be among the next few to be called in, yet I ask, For What?

As our turn came, for the gorgeous lady who was once at the smooth gliding door, yes she, was seated next to me, a voice whispered, 

"She held the gun, 
She Pulled the trigger,
One minute you were, 
The next minute, Vanity"

She looked at me, her eyes pleading, fear was clearly displayed, I smiled, for originally I was tired of the whole concept of choice, circumstances, the futility, I was of the impression "that life is a game with ever changing rules, the odds stacked against each and every player. When you think you're doing it right, it brings out its books of rules and wham bam... whacks you in the butt..." but she would never understand why I smile still... and in that very moment, I felt shock through my being, something I later got to know was a defibrillator, the stray bullet that hit me had just missed my heart by a couple of inches, I awoke to life the third day but would have wished to remain where I was, the peace, serenity, the absence of strive and strife... I wish to be numb again, for I was, and in there I derived Peace but I am, yet again. 

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