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Poison, Poisoned by one bite. I said no I wasn't ready for this I mean these
But her sweet enchanted voice like the sound of music kept playing in my heart long hours after she left, left for a while.
oh was this rhythm bliss like the strings of a guitar at night.
My heart, wanting to dance in its most capable strength and my mind saying no i have no dance steps to this rhythm
It was like a war between England and Germany fiercely exchanging in a gun battle and Arsenal.

Then she kissed me softly on my lips, ignoring my words...I have a girlfriend and I love her . Here I was Putting up a defensive figure like I didn't care, reminding me of the walls of Jericho unfortunately they fell down flat.

She looked like a goddess, I might be exaggerating with that but she wasn't short of the look of a princess. Seductively dressed, her skirt very far away from her knees, her hair nicely done with the touch of red lips that she left on mine, kept me wanting more like Oliver Twist.

I knew this was wrong but yet it felt so right even when I knew in a short time it would come to light. Sigh...somewhere in my head I knew I was giving a foothold and she wouldn't be nice enough not take it. Ears need not hear this but at this moment I couldn't tell if it mattered.

Sigh...I love my babe, don't get it twisted but this bite from the forbidden tree makes me want more than just a bite, but to eat from it and be satisfied. Am here struggling so hard trying to separate what I want from what I need, separating emotions from feelings, love from lust. Right now the state at which I am in, i can't possibly say no to the strange woman, I mean the princess. I actually enjoy this taste but for how long would I? I literarily feel intoxicated and drawn into another world and I feel lost and maybe poisoned. Poisoned by that one kiss. Stolen water is sweet but nobody mentioned that it kills. Am aware she's going to ruin me because people like her don't have interiors only decorations.

Am at a state where I cannot save myself, it's obvious I need help. I already have gold and am yet in search of bronze. I told her I would always love her, never cheat but be faithful and loyal. Told her she's my one and only and now my actions are all folly. Who would save me. I want to be saved but don't know how.

Poison, poisoned by one bite but now I want it all, save me...please.
Lagos, Nigeria
  • The Art of Cheating and the dilemma of making choices even when we know what we want

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