A Long wAlk
9th June, 2015 Writers
Discussing of her personality
Takes me to conversation seven

It's the talk of the moment
Forest climes it is from a painted portrait

I desire to be her misplaced priority
When you be a desired plan

Her climate falls right through my veins
The climax is never a subject of discuss

I dream to fight against her Mr right
To have a desired expected outcome

I thought about the evolution lateĀ 
But it will not only be the first obstacle

I pledge to be at her feet
To be the emerging essence of trust

I only want to be oblivioned
To see the impended disaster

To make myself most wanted
To be honest with the moments

Be the change,she see deceit in others
I agree to the pledges of opinion
Giving consideration to her interest

A long story we share similarly
But I don't care about whoever emerges

Ready to take the mantle
She will be my pride in matrimony

I saw a gifted memory all the while
I think she assumed that position.
Lagos, Nigeria
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