Awkward Moments
10th June, 2015 Writers
I'm thinking every movement through 
Standing in front of this member
Of the opposite sex,  it's true 
Awkward moments are not the fondest to remember 

Every muscle I can feel twitch 
In the presence of this ice cold witch
Why do I feel like this I ask.. 
Why is talking to you such a task 

A word of reassurance I crave 
A balm to soothe my pumped heart
But all I get is an innocent flirt 
A bat from the eyes to which I'm a slave 

My lips are obstinate, I've lost control 
Of every motor nerve down to my soul
I manage a smile that will give a grimace 
A hell of a race for first place 

Words come out after a while 
In a scrambled jigsaw that falls in a pile 
Like Nixon I've been disgraced
And like a broken egg I can't save face  
  • This I wrote a while back about the age old apprehension felt when you try to make small talk with a member of the opposite sex.

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