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They say u meet a lot of temporary people in ur 20s. I can actually testify to that, I've met some people, gotten really close to them, only for us to end up as strangers. I'm actually glad i met these people bcos i learnt something, the reason we meet a lot of temporary people isn't just coincidence, it's because at that point in our lives where we go into the real world, we encounter a lot of obstacles, challenges and decisions, and these come in forms of human beings.

We spend our teens forming our believes, attitudes, perception of things and so on, its like when you're in science class and they're telling u the theoretical side of things, u focus so much on the theories but don't get to be practical with them. So after we "feel" we know who we really are, then we get dropped into the real world... I say "real" world because then we've been living in a world guided by our parents.

Back to my point.
I'm not even done with my 20s and I've encountered people who tot me valuable lessons, i met a guy who showed me the value of loyalty, another who let me taste betrayal, a girl who brightened my life with love, another who darkened it with hate, new friends who where always there like family, others who made me feel lonely in a crowded room, some impacted greatly on my spiritual life, others tot me skills i wud need in the future and now, some helped guide me When i was lost, some motivated me When i almost gave up.

If not for these people i would ve still believed life was black and white, or a Point A to Point B kind of situation, i wouldn't ve known how to react to certain situations properly like when to swallow ur pride and move on, or when to blow up and show just how angry u are, when to go forward or go backward, when to fight for somtin or drop it. The way i think now is different from the way i tot years ago, its growth but i honestly don't think i would be grown this fast without encountering these people.

Some of them, I'm glad to see go, indifferent about a lot, and just very sad for a few. But i thank them for their inputs into my life and making me a better version of myself.
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