Stranger - 2
10th June, 2015 Writers
It had been months since I encountered the stranger on Christmas Eve. After I left the office that evening, I spent greater part of the night replaying the entire event in my mind. Even after so long I could still remember his every gesture, the way he spun the chair round and round. His smile as he walked out of my office that day was still vivid in my mind - I played it over and over. It was frustrating that I didn't know anything about him, I felt empty knowing I didn't know and I wasted christmas eve. I had to make it up to mum for missing dinner - my new pink prada clutch bag went in for it.
When I arrived home that evening, mum was on the table with a glass of wine. The horrible traffic made my arrival later that usual and all the guests had departed leaving her alone in her mansion. She beckoned on me to join her for a drink but we ended up having way too many. We made our way to mum's room and sank in her bed. My mum, my rock, my hero. Dad died when I was ten and mum bent her back to make sure I was where I was. I chuckled as I heard her snore beside me, she had fallen asleep and we didn't even get to talk seriously. All the babbling talk she did as we made our way to the room must have made her dizzy. I smiled as I planted a kiss on her forehead and whispered, "I love you crazy woman." I sighed as I laid back with my hands crossed under my head. The house was awful quiet, the only sound was mum's light snores. As I listened to the silence around, my mind drifted back to the stranger from earlier that day. He must have thought about a lot of things. In his silence. I didn't know what he was thinking and I didn't know how to find out. I didn't even get a name. How was I going to find him? How was I going to know what he was thinking? He made quite an impression - a silent one. I shut my eyes and drifted into sleep that night with thoughts of the silent bald stranger in faded clothes.
I hoped I would see him again, but he never showed up. 
Seven months had gone by and I had to get myself back on track because this stranger began to eat deep within me. When I was with other clients, I was mostly divided because my mind always wandered to the stranger. It was like he had engraved himself in my mind and soul - I couldn't help it and his eyes haunted me for weeks.Thinking of him got me nowhere and to top it all I became shabby.
I had some research to do for my PhD program so I had to lock the stranger in the deepest part of my mind and concentrate on my job and PhD program. "Diane, can you cancel the rest of my appointments for the day, I have to go to the university library for some material's." I spoke into the receiver. "Okay Dr." She replied and hung up. I shut down applications on my pc and turned it off. Immediately my phone began to ring, I picked it up and checked the caller ID - my colleague. I was meant to meet him up at the university library. "Hello Dr. Adam." I said as I received the call. "Hello Dr. Daniels, i'll soon be leaving for the university I just have to conclude a few documentations." He said fron the other end of the line. "No problem I'll meet you in 10 minutes. The university is a few blocks from my office." "That's fine. See you there." "Yeah bye." I ended the call and tossed the phone in my bag. I scanned through some clients files and took a few notes. I jerked up when my door flew open, and there he was standing before me. The stranger. My heart skipped a beat as he smiled. Timming is everything. I turned to see Diane standing at the door, and once again she couldn't control the situation. A tough and no-nonsense girl but this stranger was beyond her. I nodded towards her to leave us, and she did. The stranger walked to the couch and took a different position - he laid on the couch. He looked different - his bald head was covered with hair neatly combed and his beard was meatly trimmed. He was properly dressed in a black long sleeved shirt not fully buttoned exposing a little bit of his chest, with a pair of navy blue trousers and a pair of black shoes. I was stunned and dumbfounded, because I never expected hin to walk through my door ever. Suddenly my heart began to race. What was happening? My face was flushed and my stomach began to flutter. His brown eyes had a different mood, they were no more confused but still hurt. Why? He laid on his back staring at the ceiling and fiddling with his fingers. Suddenly he spoke, "it was meant to be open yet it held many secrets." He breath out heavily  and continued. "I would give anything to have it back - anything." He whispered. I could not help myself but stare at him as he spoke. I was short of words. It was as though my mind did a hard reset, because I lacked words. I waited for him to say more as I pondered on his words but he was silent. Two sentences spoken with such emotions. What was he talking about? Secrets? I was more lost now than when he was silent. "How do I handle it." He asked after a long pause. I didn't know if it was a rhetorical question or he wanted an answer. Even if he wanted an answer, how would I give him the answer to a situation I was yet to understand? "Handle what, Mister?" He turned to look at me and smiled. My heart skipped as his mouth curved upwards - he had the most wonderful smile I had ever seen. My stomach becan to flutter again as he stared at me, those big beautiful brown eyes that haunted me for weeks. He turned and stared back at the ceiling. What is wrong with you Pam. Get your act together. I was conflicted, restless and also powerless - this stranger made me have all those strange feelings. Years of experience and training failed me where this stranger was concerned. Then I remembered I didn't even know his name. "I would love to help you mister..." I stressed so he could give me a name, but he didn't respond - didn't even move a muscle. He was lost in his thoughts. "but you have to tell me in details what is happening." I continued. Everything I said fell on deaf ears, after being silent he got up and began for the door when the our session time had elasped. "Your name please." I stood up and moved towards his direction. "Or something I could identify you with." I was that desperate. He stopped on his track and walked towards me. He wasn't stopping, he came so close that I could smell him. Lavender. Quite toche' for a man. I froze as he stood face to face with me. My heart raced twice as fast and my cheat tightened as I held my breath. "Hope you won't forget." He grinned then turned and walked away. Everything around me paused for some seconds including my heart - suddenly they came alive again. I let out my breathe and I gasped for air. I breathe in and out rapidly stroking my chest till I regained myself. I lifted up my eyes to find Diane at the door. "Are you alright?" She shot me a worried look. "I am fine." I smiled wryly. "Can I get you anyting?" she saw I was affected by the stranger but she didn't know how. "I'm fine Diane, thanks." I forced a smile. "Okay." She closed the door as she left. I heaved a sigh of relieve and sank into my seat as she shut the door. I sat still with nothing running through my mind. My door flew open and Diane peered in "Dr. Adam is on line two for you." She announced. My goodness, I had forgotten all about my meeting with Dr. Adam. "Thank you Diane i'll take it now." She smiled and left. "Hello Dr. Adam." I said as I picked up the phone...

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