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17th August, 2015 Photographers

Every organisation is in need of continuos cutting edge image projection, activated through creativity and expressed in throughtful photography, graphic designs and other image solutions. this has led us at Sadiographix to continually create to meet image solution needs in an emerging and challenging marketing world for organisations.

Sadiographix is an image solutions firms with proven skills, competence and expertise spanning over half a decade. We are committed to continued provision of customer satisfactory services at afforable rates, by leveraging on our expertise in image solutions. This has led us to provide your organistions with the following novel concepts to further project your image to your target audience in the most visible way.

Our Services


This service offers our clients unique, symbolic, and simple but intelligent graphic designs that represent the interest of our clients. This helps to easily communicate your firm to her target audience and register them in the custimers mind. This representation is purely graphical. We offer cutting edge design of brochures, prospectus, magazines, poster, handbill, carrier bags, calendars, wallpapers, yearbooks, package design, corporate profile, banners, billboards, stickers, handbooks, journals, jotters, invitation cards, letterheads to mention a few. In thsi process we offer you combination of elements that stressing emphatically your unique selling point and edge over your competitions. Our simple graphic representations aided with provoking photography are worthy enough to sell your image to potential patrons.


With our arsenal of professional photographers and state of art equipments we offer you creative service suitable for projecting your reputable organisation. our photographs are creatively taken to communicate the very unqueness of your organisation. At sadiographix, we see photography as a tool to communicate mood, time, style, strength, state and many more. The products from this section are essential in the communication of your brand on all online media and can be adapted for any form of publications and souvenirs.





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