Night life
15th June, 2015 Writers
Lemme paint a picture... A dark room, drinks on every table, cups and glasses scattered everywhere, the smell of freshly  burnt grass, beautiful vixens everywhere with lovely makeup and provocative clothing looking hot and enticing AF, music blasting so loud that you can't even hear your own voice.

Honestly... this is not my scene,  I honestly would so love to be in my room playing a good game right now or watching a good movie, I only know one guy here, and I taged along because I felt I shouldn't be locked up in my room all the time, don't get me wrong, I have friends and we hang out, but our version of hanging out is more PG16 than R18 but I'm very cool with that, some people would call me socially awkward, doubt I'll pass for nerdy although I have the glasses to pull it off, when at parties like this, for some reason my self esteem drops, almost like it jumps off a cliff, walking up to a girl now seems like an impossible task, so to help, I do something...well, normal, I take that magical elixir passed down from generation to generation,  said to give man the courage needed to face his fears, or drown in his sorrows (different versions of the elixir give different effects) I take a few shots,  although I have my confidence back, I still don't move, I still find no intrest in making small talk, so I decide to get some fresh air, I head over to the balcony of the club and look to the streets, the flesh pedlars are out now, all dressed up looking for their next meal ticket, I see luxurious cars pulling up, more and more people walking into the club(like it wasn't full enough already).
I took a second to look around and noticed how normal places during the day had transformed into rowdy bustling businesses of the night. 
I keep saying to myself over and over "whats the point of being here if you don't talk and mingle". So I looked round the room and saw a stunning beauty, dancing with no care at all, she seemed so free and happy, so I drank some more liquid courage and approached, and tried to keep up with her moves, after a while she looked up and laughed (p.s I can't dance) so I guess she took pity on me and just kept dancing with me, after a while, after doing my best to keep up, I had to take a break and sit down, the music was way to loud for talking so I convinced her to follow me to the balcony, we talked for a long while, laughed and exchanged numbers(more like I took her no and called her phone to make sure it was her number, u can't trust these girls) then she left.
I finally convinced my friend it was time to go at 4am, I finally got back to my love that never lets me down and is always there, my bed.

The night life isn't for everyone, I really don't see the appeal to being out that late, I'm naturally lazy so its a lot harder for me, and I have a serious lack of interest for such social gathering if you call them that. Well, its time to get some Zs, goodnight/Good morning.
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