I have to be me
11th June, 2015 Writers
Every single time I think I know what I want
Am back to that feeling of a baby so lost
Who is being told what to do just at that moment
And he is living his life based on a syllabus by his parents
Sure you'd pass the test by living up to their standard
Growing up according to the rules by your stern dad
Getting to the next stage through the next page feeling sad
What if i set my own rules, won't it be based on his foundation?  
I just have to live that life I see in my dreams cos its my salvation
Hoping to my own life's syllabus is gonna be another translation
And then I am lost for words cause I can't find its meaning
A dictionary of words whose meanings are lost in in its synonym
That's what I have realized whenever I simply try to be like him
Oyo, Nigeria
  • I am done living my life on another's terms

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