American manipulation
11th June, 2015 Writers
When I was young, I was blind. Blinder than a bat for a bat can see even without sight; Thank God for sonar. I always thought america was the country to be in but, I think I thought far behind. America is indeed a modern world with its fancy technology and clean streets and quiet suburban neighbourhood, a far cry from noisy and very hot Nigeria. 
America however is a land of manipulation. The gays and affilliates have formed a council, they demand subservience to their affair and take us to their courts so as to coerce us to turn from our beliefs, after all, they can never be satisfied until they have forced us all into acceptance. A person cannot see a good tv series without the concept of gay-ism; They have incorporated themselves into our shows. They forget our right to religion and desecrate our beliefs. Their latest exodus:gods and kings, was a total disregard of religion, what would the new christian child think; that moses was a warrior since he was wielding a sword?. The audacity is alarming, all because of the simple fact that christians are predominantly calm folks. They stated that God did not part the red sea in two walls but rather pushed it to one side. Moses was a shepherd for christsake, he  held  for himself an ugly staff not a golden majestic sword.A symbol shown by God that he works not through the mighty but exalts the lowly.
I truly weep, for the world is deviating and America is the spearhead, they forget what is truly important in this life and celebrate vanity forgetting all that the preacher said, vanity upon vanity ,all is vanity.
Lagos, Nigeria
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